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Apple Music Replay is now more like Spotify Wrapped

Apple Music may be one of the best music streaming services out there today, but the year-end recap often lags behind Spotify Wrapped when it comes to giving subscribers personal insight into their listening habits and music trends around the world. But after the recently announced Apple Music Replay, the round-up service has been renewed for 2022 and subscribers now get a featured clip that showcases their listening history with insights into the top songs, artists, albums, and genres played over the past 12 months.

Everyone loves the end of the year soundtrack, right? and a redesign of Apple Music Replay experience (Opens in a new tab) serving as a reminder to subscribers about their individual listening habits in 2022. Apple Music’s revamped Replay experience also reveals the best music charts for 2022, moving closer to competing year-end digest services like Spotify Wrapped that have been in the works for several years.

The Apple Music Replay press release (Opens in a new tab) He states, “2022 has been an exciting year in music, with listeners diving deeper into new sounds, new languages, and new genres than ever before. Plus, our 2022 year-end charts show just how much Apple Music listeners made 2022 a year. individuals or as a community.

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