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Apple TV+'s Jane: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

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There is much that entertains but only sometimes are there features that engage, educate, and inspire. When those jewels are unearthed, they are invaluable. Apple TV+, J.J. Johnson, Sinking Ship Entertainment, and the Jane Goodall Institute are collaborating to launch a series entitled Jane. Jane is a piece inspired by the life and exploits of the woman known for her intimate connection to nature and inextinguishable passion for animals, Jane Goodall.

National Geographic describes Dr. Jane Goodall as a conservationist and ethologist. She is well-known for her work with chimpanzees in their natural habitats. Her love for her subjects has never gone unnoticed. One could see her devotion in her attentiveness, devotion, and unbridled joy as she engaged in her life’s work. She was radiant in her capacity.

But such is expected of one whose first loves were animals and where they made their homes. According to National Geographic, Goodall was drawn to this work. Her earlier inspirations were recorded as Tarzan and Doctor Doolittle books read in her youth. At 23, she set a course to meet her destiny. Dr. Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey was instrumental in her life’s direction, offering her opportunity. That opportunity led her to the Gombe Stream Game Reserve to study chimpanzees. And Goodall continues her work until today.

The series will premiere in the spring, which is perfect timing as a time when nature, love, and hope bloom. There is no better time to inspire the world to nurture that which nurtures us, and Jane was created to accomplish that. Here is everything we know about Jane.

Jane will be ten episodes long and crafted with children and families in mind. The focus is, of course, on animals and their precious habitats. This is expected when considering who Goodall is and what her mission encompasses. The direction of the story is one of exploration. Based on the synopsis, its typology can be likened to the exploits of Dora the Explorer as it is said to be “mission-driven,” according to Apple TV+.

The visual presentation will be a mix of live-action and CGI.

The primary cast consists of Ava Louise Murchison, Mason Blomberg, and a Chimpanzee named Greybeard. Murchison will portray a young Jane Garcia whose idol is Jane Goodall. Mason Blomberg is her good friend David. Although they form the core, others will join to help with the adventures. The additional cast members include Tamara Almeida, Dan Abramovici, Jazz Allen, and Sam Marra.

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While many of the names do not seem familiar at first look, quite a few of the cast are coming with credits under their belt. Murchison had a four-episode run on the 2022 epic Prime Video Reacher. Mason Blomberg is known for his voice-over work in 2022 Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers, where he voices Chip. And Almeida, who also appeared in Apple TV+ original Ghostwriter, brings her talents to Jane. Together they will meld their talents to bring an unforgettable adventure.

Jane will be available to stream starting April 14.

Jane will be Sinking Ship Entertainment’s second original series for the Apple TV+ platform, with Ghostwriter being the first. Sinking Ship Entertainment did phenomenally with their first original, earning them an Emmy. A 2019 article in Decider said this of the series,“ [Ghostwriter] gives kids a good introduction to classic and modern books but does so in a way that doesn’t insult their or their parents’ intelligence.” Ghostwriter was an original, fun, fantasy, mystery series. Now Sinking Ship Entertainment has the opportunity to replicate that success.

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Jane has a resplendent and inspiring message. That message can be encapsulated in the loveliest words spoken by Jane Garcia.

Jane is poised to be the next heartwarming stand-out series falling in line with some of the most heartwarming and kindest features made. And Goodall approves. In fact, Jane Goodall takes great pride in the upcoming series. She is grateful for the efforts of those who have sought to bring environmentalism to an entirely new generation and inspire change. And she has made her sentiment known in a press statement from Apple TV+.

Tune in to Apple TV+ on April 14 for the adventure that awaits in Jane.



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