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Apple would like original podcasts resulting in Apple TV+ content



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Apple would like to bring more content inspired by real events on its Apple TV+ platform. In any case, this is what the information gleaned by Bloomberg suggests. The American media indeed reveals that Apple would have signed an agreement with Futuro Studios, producer of the podcast Sweet, recently awarded the Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting. This agreement would aim to develop original podcasts, then bring them to the screen on its SVoD platform. The firm would thus create a direct link between the content of its Apple Podcasts and Apple TV+ applications… while continuing to give a unique note to its video-on-demand service.

Note that this is not the first time that this type of synergy is expected at Apple. The firm has even already started to base some of its series on podcasts or real events. As Engadget points out, this was the case for WeCrashed and The Shrink Next Door. Apple had also offered links between certain podcasts and Apple TV+ content, such as The problem with Jon Stewart.

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In this case, the deal concluded between Apple and Futuro would lead the Cupertino giant to finance the next Futuro podcasts, but with the aim of turning them into series or films on Apple TV+. Futuro is also said to have agreed to automatically grant Apple the rights for a series, as soon as the company considers that one of its podcasts has the potential to be ported to another format. According to Bloomberg sources, Apple would be fickle, on the other hand. The firm would thus have already spent 10 million dollars to sign other agreements of the same type with other players in the field.

Other information, but very unsurprising: it is Apple who would lead the boat in the agreement reached with Futuro … and not the other way around. Contacted by Engadget, neither Apple nor Futuro, however, wished to comment on this project. A project that could prove very interesting for both parties. Futuro would make sure of a probably copious financing, while Apple would withdraw from this exchange of good practices of the rights at lower costs for the development of quality contents. A significant asset in the race against Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, in particular.




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