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Asmongold’s cryptic comments fuel rumors of move to Kick among fans

The cryptic comments of OTK co-owner Asmongold are making everyone think if he is moving to platform Kick. In the recent few months, a lot of streamers have been rumored their move to Kick. In the past as well Asmongold has been showing his dislike for the platform Twitch. But is he moving to Kick now?

Read ahead to know more about Asmongold’s cryptic comments that make fans think he might be moving to Kick.

A little about OTK co-owner Asmongold

Asmongold, the popular One True Kings co-owner has been a Twitch streamer with lots of followers of him on his channel. His contents on the platform have been related to MMO and games like World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and many more.

But it seems like he isn’t satisfied with Twitch anymore. While he has been showing his distaste for Twitch Community. Now some of his comments on social media have been making fans assume a lot about his next move.

Asmongold’s distaste with Twitch

Asmongold with his Twitch presence has even been showing distaste for the Twitch community. Apart from that he had even been dissatisfied with some decisions of the platform for his channel. But in the recent few months, a lot of streamers have switched to Kick owing to its popularity.

Fans of Asmongold too are thinking that the OTK co-owner is moving to Kick or not. As some of his cryptic comments of him have been hinting at the same. Replying to one of the tweets Adin Ross recently, Asmongold made a comment that was hard to miss. It eventually made many of the latter’s fans think about his move to Kick.

Is Asmongold really moving to Kick?

Adin Ross has himself switched to Kick after being unhappy with Twitch. Post ban threats of the platform, in February Ross, had his move to Kick. However, on March 27th, Adin Ross came up with a tweet saying that Kick has signed a new superstar on the platform.

To which Asmongold replied, “Hmmm, I wonder who it is”. Which made fans believe that Asmongold might be going to Kick. However, he is yet to announce that and it isn’t sure whether he is really moving to Kick or not. But Adin Ross’s tweet is making all curious to know who the new Kick member is.

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