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ASUS unveils "ultra portable" ROG Zephyrus M16 gaming laptop

ASUS has announced a huge lineup of gaming laptops at CES for 2023, but if you aren’t looking for something big and beefy, the new ROG Zephyrus M16 may be up your alley. ASUS is touting this as the “ultra portable, ultra premium” gaming laptop. As it’s part of the Zephyrus lineup, it’s definitely going to be more portable than anything from the Strix Scar or Strix G series.

As for the “ultra premium” side of things, consumers likely aren’t going to be disappointed by what ASUS is offering here. Because the ROG Zephyrus seems to have the specs to back up that statement. Most notably, the CPU and GPU. It can come with up an Intel Core i9-13900H CPU, and up to an NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU. It also comes with options for the Nebula HDR QHD+ display (which uses Mini LED), or the Nebula QHD+.

Both offer the 240Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time. And ASUS claims they deliver 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. For storage and memory, RAM is DDR5 and goes up to 64GB, and storage is PCIe Gen 4 and goes up to 2TB. Plus, storage and RAm are both upgradeable.

Is The ROG Zephyrus M16 ASUS’s most portable gaming laptop at CES?

The specs prove that it’s premium, but what about the portable? Well, the laptop only weighs in 2.1kg (2.3kg if you get the AniMe Matrix option). It’s also only 22.3mm thin without the AniMe Matrix, or 22.9mm with. So yeah, it’s definitely portable too. According to ASUS, it was able to stuff a 16-inch display into a chassis that is typically meant for a 15-inch laptop.

That being said, ASUS did unveil other portable gaming options. Some that are definitely easier to carry around. While this might not be ASUS’s most portable laptop announced though, it’s probably the most powerful out of the portable options.

If you need something even more portable, ASUS has you covered. Specifically for consumers not afraid to give up a little performance. ASUS also revealed the new ROG Zephyrus G16, G15, and G14 for 2023. There’s also the upgraded versions of the ROG Flow X13. Which ASUS says has been shrunk down even further from last year. And to round things out, ASUS introduces the new X16 and Z13 to the ROG Flow series.

You can read more about the ROG Zephyrus M16 here.



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