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ATEEZ address criticism of their music appeal following the end of their world tour

ATEEZ boldly responded to the criticism they have received against their musical appeal after their return from their world tour, The Fellowship.

Here is everything you need to know.

ATEEZ shares their stance with their musical journey 

ATEEZ sat down with Yonhap News in Seoul for an interview on 23rd March. Moreover, the group talked about their experience after touring multiple countries.

The group shared stories about how they were happy to meet and connect with the fans who have supported them from all around the world

However, during the interview, the journalist went on to point out that the group still does not have a hit song that is popular worldwide. 

This more or less referenced to how the band’s music appeal was somehow restricted only to Korea and did not receive much attention from other countries.

But, Hongjoong, the group’s leader, disagreed with the criticism. He calmly explained that they should focus on maintaining their essence.

He said, ‘That’s a matter we are always thinking about, but even so, I would say it will be difficult for ATEEZ to undergo such a radical transformation just for the sake of having a hit song, a song that can 100% satisfy the public.’

Additionally, he mentioned, ‘We want to maintain the frame that is ATEEZ while pursuing music that will earn the empathy of many listeners around the world.’

San on the other hand also spoke a few words about the issue.

He stated, ‘Appealing to the general public is constant a dilemma for us. But that is because we make ATEEZ music.’

San went on to add, ‘So I think that if we just keep moving forward on this path that we have decided to take, someday, people might start to notice us.’

Fans react to ATEEZ’s bold response to the criticism

Fans of ATEEZ were proud of the members standing up for themselves and the kind of music they made.

Subsequently, they couldn’t help but share their happiness with the bold yet appropriate decision made by the group which consists of eight members.

In addition, many fans took to Twitter to celebrate the group and flooded the site with praises about the same. 

A fan commented, ‘Ateez makes ateez music.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘They truly love what they do. Our teezers.’

Another user pointed out, ‘I found Ateez, I found my happiness.’

A different fan penned, ‘they are artists who create music for quality, not for popularity.’


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