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Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 1-2 Highlights (Download Video)



Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid highlights

Download Football Video: Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 1-2 Highlights #AtletiRealMadrid . 

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 1-2 Highlights Download: Spanish La Liga (Laliga) – September 18th, 2022. 

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Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid‘s match started with full attacking forces.

Atletico Madrid haven’t exactly come out swinging to start this second half. Real Madrid are comfortable, looking to soak up the pressure and see this to the end.

Joao Felix has been involved in 56% of Atlético’s goals in the current league campaign and served up three assists.

Vinicius meanwhile, had played, before tonight, an active part in 47% of Madrid’s 15 goals this season, scoring four of them himself.

There are no changes from either coach at half time, so we have the same 22 players on the pitch as we get up and running for the second half of this Madrid Derby.

Atlético still have plenty of time and they attack again. De Paul plays it into Griezmann. He spins away and crosses on his weaker right. It lands in the hands of Thibaut Courtois.

Rodrygo finds space again, and has been one of the most dangerous Real Madrid players so far. Yannick Carrasco puts in a poor challenge, catches Rodrygo on the back of the knee and is shown a yellow card.

That’s terrible from Vinicius. Reinildo doesn’t touch him and he dives looking for a free. Those camera angles are going to make you look silly! Courtois saves another shot. This time it’s De Paul from a long way out.

Atlético 0-2 Real Madrid, if you’re just coming in from your Sunday evening drive…

Atletico Madrid create their first chance since the goal, with Antoine Griezmann taking a shot that is pushed away by Thibaut Courtois.






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