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Austria: Muslim responsible for ISIS graffiti was part of group plotting jihad massacres in Vienna and St. Pölten

Come on, man! Celebrate diversity!

An update on this story. “IS supporters arrested: Macedonians (19) are said to have planned terrorist attacks in Vienna,” translated from “IS-Anhänger gefasst: Mazedonier (19) soll Terror-Anschläge in Wien geplant haben,” by Michael Koch, Exxpress, March 21, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

Twelve graffiti with IS slogans were discovered in St. Pölten, now the police have caught the scribbler. It is a North Macedonian (19) with contacts to a group that is said to have planned terrorist attacks in Vienna and St. Pölten.

Two eyewitnesses led the police to the initially unknown person, who had sprayed twelve graffiti with clear messages from the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in the area of St. Pölten’s main train station on March 15 – the eXXpress reported. With the support of the Rapid Reaction Forces (SRK), the police arrested an unemployed Macedonian (19). He is accused of supporting a terrorist organization and damaging property.

But more explosive: The case was taken over by the Directorate for State Security and Intelligence (DSN). Interrogations of other witnesses strengthened the suspicion that the Macedonian was connected to planned terrorist attacks in Vienna. Assassination attempts in St. Pölten are said to have been considered by an IS sympathizer group.

Due to extensive investigations by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism (LVT), there was an urgent suspicion against the North Macedonian.

The public prosecutor’s office in St. Pölten ordered the arrest of the accused and a search of his apartment. He initially denied any involvement in the crime, but finally confessed in full due to the high investigative pressure and the securing of further evidence during the house search. His motive was that he only wanted to show the unjust treatment of his Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria and Palestine.



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