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Austria Received More Asylum Applications Last Year Than in 2015

A total of 108,781 asylum applications have been filed in Austria last year, thus surpassing the figures of 2015 during the refugee crisis.

Of the total, 41,000 have evaded the procedures, meaning that they travelled to other destinations and didn’t stay in Austria, reports.

According to the figures provided by Die Presse, this reveals the reason why the number of basic services has not marked a notable increase taking into account the total number of applications.

In comparison to recent years, the number of asylum applications increased significantly last year. The figures revealed that in 2021, the number of applications for asylum was 39,930 while in 2020, amid the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants just 14,775 asylum applications were registered.

Besides, the 2022 figures were notably higher compared to the figures of 2015 during the migration crisis, during which year there were registered 88,340 applications for asylum in Austria.

Citizens from the following countries account for the largest number of asylum applications filed in Austria last year:

  • Afghanistan – 24,241
  • India- 19,505
  • Syria- 19,150
  • Tunisia- 12,667

Last year’s statistics show that the number of applications for asylum filed by citizens of India increased notably after in 2021 only 949 applications filed under the same purpose were made by Indians.

It has been reported that the majority of applications or 90 per cent were made by men while 68 per cent of them were from the age of 18 to 35 years old. At the same time, about 22,500 of the applicants were minors, and 13,100 of them were unaccompanied minors.

The recent figures also show that Syrians, Somalis and Iranians have very good chances of being recognized, while last year 142,000 cases were decided, and asylum was granted to 13,371 people.

According to the statistics provided by Die Presse, about 5,500 procedures ended with subsidiary protection while 2,400 times a humanitarian residence permit was granted.

As of 30,040 asylum applications were rejected despite the fact that this number also consists of cases in which refugees received subsidiary protection.

It has also been emphasized that the number of open procedures is 54,200, while in 2021 there were about half as many.

Previously, the Interior Ministry of Austria announced that the country is seeing the first side effects of the asylum break, after the end of visa-free travel for several countries led to an evident decline in Tunisia and India asylum seekers.



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