Azealia Banks Slams Matty Healy as ‘Lame Poser’ and Warns Taylor Swift of Controversial Comments

In an Instagram Story post-Tuesday, rapper Azealia Banks advised Taylor Swift to end her relationship with new boyfriend Matty Healy or else risk contracting scabies. She urged Swift, 33, to find a “much cooler” — and less problematic — partner instead of the controversial musician. Over a black screen, Banks wrote, This guy will give you scabies. He’s not on the same level as the powerful p–s you worked HELLA hard to achieve.”. There are so many cooler people in music, she wrote, before suggesting Swift contact James Mercer from The Shins. Banks considers Mercer to be “one of the best lyricists ever,” while Healy is a full-fledged incel.

The rant came after Healy, 34, defended a racist and sexist comment made by Adam Friedland on the “Adam Friedland Show.” On the show, Friedland and co-host Nick Mullen mocked Ice Spice’s Chinese and Hawaiian accents while calling her an “Inuit Spice Girl.” In addition, the singer suggested doing an “impression” of a Japanese Nazi. Even though he apologized previously, the 1975 frontman told the New Yorker on Monday that the controversy episode doesn’t “actually matter” and anyone who was offended is “deluded.” In the midst of all the drama, Healy has also made headlines for his shocking new romance with Taylor Swift. It was Healy’s attendance at Swift’s Eras concert earlier this month that first sparked dating rumors between the two.

Azealia Banks Warns Taylor Swift Not To Date Incel Matty Healy: You Will Get Scabies From Him

Following her split from Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift sparked romance rumours with The 1975 singer Matty Healy, who has reportedly had a shady past, including substance abuse and controversial podcast appearances. Swift was openly warned not to associate with Matty by American rapper Azealia Banks. After her split from Joe Swift, she was linked to Matty, who also attended several of her Eras Tour concerts, and the alleged couple was inseparable. Former model Meredith Mickelson was taken aback by the romance rumours surrounding The 1975 singer. In her Instagram story, Azealia Banks blasts Matty Healy and urges Taylor Swift to leave him. There is even someone she thinks would be a good match for Swift instead. One of the stories criticized Matty’s comments about Ice Spice on the podcast; Banks wrote: Does Matt Healy know that no one thinks The 1975 make good music and that Is he a lame poser with a trashy, meaningless band name that means nothing? His pressure is evident in the fact that a black girl who doesn’t know him or his music is making more moves and making more money than him.

Matty Healy is one shared needle away from tetanus, she wrote in one post. Taylor Swift was warned by Azealia Banks about Matty Healy in another story: Taylor, this guy is going to give you scabies. He’s not the kind of badass you worked so damn hard for. Wow, there are so many better people in music to work with. You should definitely consider contacting James Mercer from the Shins… Mercer is one of the best lyricists in music history. There’s no doubt Taylor Swift with her “Black Wave” and “Australia” vibes is the TEA sis. This guy is a total incel. You can’t let him climb that mountain sis.” For those who are unaware, Matty Healy, rather than calling out the hosts on the Adam Friedland Show podcast, laughed at their racist and sexist remarks, even suggesting that they act like Japanese Nazis. The rapper apologized for the controversial appearance, but got heat for saying it ‘doesn’t actually matter’ and people offended by it are ‘deluded’, prompting Azealia to share her unfiltered thoughts and warn Taylor Swift in advance.