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Bad Boys 4 Is Officially A Go With Will Smith And Martin Lawrence (Too Bad They Can't Get The Perfect Title)

At the end of the announcement video, the two actors continued to show their excitement before Will Smith used his hands to display the number four when saying “Bad Boys for Life.” Martin Lawrence reminded him that they already used that title, and even though the “E” was a three, they couldn’t use it again. At least, they probably can’t. As long as the film returns the franchise to the level of action movie glory the previous films reached, we don’t think the fans would mind.

The first film, while being the lowest budget, didn’t skimp on the gun battles and car chases (in the first of many nice cars Mike Lowery’s trust fund purchased). The second film went all out as it tripled down on the bullets, bombs, and car chases, taking everything to the extreme. This was the first time you saw Marcus Burnett consider retiring from the thrill ride of being Lowery’s partner. The third film dropped nearly two decades later and went further with Burnett’s retirement talk after becoming a grandfather, and tried to bring Lowery in from the battlefield with unexpected family.

There is no word on what the possible plot points or storyline of “Bad Boys 4” will be, but with both the actors still in relatively good shape, it will almost certainly bring the bullets and car chases full throttle at least one more time.



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