Bally Sports Plus Is Now Live In These 5 Markets

As announced earlier this week, Bally Sports Plus is now live. However, this is what they call a “soft launch”. Meaning it is only available to a small number of people, as a way to test the waters and make changes before the big launch for everyone.

So, that means that Bally Sports Plus is available in five markets right now. That includes Bally Sports Detroit, Florida, Kansas City, Sun and North. So if you live in an area that gets one of those channels, then you can sign up for Bally Sports Plus today. Here’s how you can sign up for Bally Sports Plus.

What can I watch on Bally Sports Plus?

Bally Sports Plus is going to be your home for regional sports. It’s yet another streaming app that you’ll want, if you want to watch your local teams. That is because, Sinclair has slowly been removing Bally Sports channels from streaming partners as their contracts expire. Currently, only DIRECTV Stream has access to Bally Sports.

So, for $20 per month, you’ll get access to your local sports teams. But you won’t get all of the games. There are still going to be blackouts unfortunately. And any game that is televised nationally, won’t be available on Bally Sports Plus.

Currently, only MLB teams are available on Bally Sports Plus. Which is fine, since the NBA is in its off-season and the NHL is almost there too. With game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals having taken place last night. Bally Sports Plus expects to have both the NBA and NHL available by the time the 2022-23 seasons start in the fall.

It’s a pretty limited service right now, which is surprising, since it is $20 per month, or $190 for the full year. But that will change over time. Not to mention the fact that local sports are pretty expensive to stream.



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