Bam Margera sends angry texts to ex-Nikki Boyd

Nikki Boyd recently claimed that she has been receiving quite aggressive messages from her estranged husband Bam Margera after he was released from a psychiatric hold.

Here is everything you need to know.

Bam Margera allegedly calls Nikki Boyd a ‘gold digger’

Nikki Boyd’s attorney David Glass recently opened up about his client receiving antagonist-like messages from Bam Margera during an interview with TMZ.

He said, ‘Bam has started texting since his release from the 5150 hold, but the content quickly turned abusive.’

He continued, ‘Calling Nikki awful names, saying she is the cause of all his problems, even saying she’s a “gold digger.”‘

Moreover, Glass said that Boyd is still hopeful that Margera’s upcoming treatment will possibly make him take responsibility for himself.

In addition, he stated that Boyd is hoping that Margera will also learn to talk without using abusive words or actions.

Margera’s lawyer, Peter Thompson, on the other hand, claimed that his client was engaged after he learned that Boyd had filed documents. 

Boyd is reportedly seeking $15,377 in child support and spousal support. She has further asked him to pay $50K for attorney’s fees.

Thompson says, ‘Bam continues to support her and Phoenix even though she won’t even allow a phone call or FaceTime with Phoenix.’

He adds, ‘He just wants to see his son and continues to come up against a brick wall on that. Contact would go a long way in getting this resolved.’

Lamar Odom visits Bam Margera at the hospital

Lamar Odom recently visited the hospital where Bam Margera was placed in a 5150 psychiatric hold after the latter’s public downward spiral.

As per reports, the 43-year-old NBA star has allegedly extended an invitation to Margera to stay at one of his three rehabilitation centers located in Southern California.

Odom has previously reached out to the Jackass star in April after one of the more recent arrests.

He stated, ‘If he wants the help, then it’s here for him. I’m reaching out my arms to him.’

He mentioned, ‘All he has to do is show up.’

Meanwhile, Nikki Boyd’s attorney David Glass spoke on behalf of his client after he was placed on a psychiatric hold.

He remarked, ‘Nikki continues to pray for Bam’s safety, sobriety, and mental health stability. She has reached out to Bam to try to set up FaceTime calls for their son, but Bam has either not responded, or responded in a denigrating fashion.’


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