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Bear stuck inside car overnight in Montana



Funny surprise for a resident of Red Lodge in southern Montana, a rural state in the United States. A bear managed to sneak into his car but was unable to open the door to get out. The animal thus found itself trapped all night.

The plantigrade entered “a little after 11 p.m.” and stayed there “until 7 a.m.,” Mike Pilati, owner of the vehicle, told the local channel last week. KTVQ. This female bear was probably looking for food even if Mike Pilati claims to have left no food in his Subaru.

He opens the door with a stick

“From time to time, we heard a crack. I thought he was chewing on a garbage can or something. In fact, it was my car that he was chewing on, ”said the American. After the discovery of the hairy intruder, Mike and his wife Maria called the sheriff but the latter, not understanding the urgency of the situation, told them that specialized agents would come the next day.

To free the animal, Mike Pilati then took his courage in both hands and opened the door with a stick. “The bear came in growling,” he recalls. The animal then found its two young who were nearby. The car is in poor condition: a ceiling torn off with claws, a chewed-up dashboard, a fractured windshield and above all… a persistent smell.



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