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Beaumont lawyer plans to build an office with attached apartment & More News

A Beaumont lawyer requested a special use permit to construct a building that would include a law office and a two-bedroom residential apartment.

Jonathan Vernon, a probate attorney at the Law Office of Jonathan Vernon, is planning to establish the building in the Central Business District at 681 Park St., according to a Beaumont City Council memo from Interim City Manager Chris Boone.

“Although a law office is premitted out-right within the (Central Business District), a dwelling unit requires an approved Specific Use Permit,” Boone wrote in the memo. “The living quarters will be located behind the law office on the northwest side of the building. It will be used 24 hours, seven days a week and the activities involved are those of daily living, such as bathing, sleeping, eating, cooking, laundry, socializing and relaxing.”

Following the lead of the Beaumont Planning Commission, the city council on Tuesday unanimously approved the special use permit with the condition that all construction plans “meet all requirements by Water Utilities for water and sanitary services … as well as all applicable Building and Fire Codes.”

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Vernon said the law office is for himself and the goal is to rent out the apartment, unless he needs to live there.

“It seems like a waste to build an office with area for reception and then a conference room and then three offices in it on that piece of land when I can build a little bit bigger, have something that could offset the cost of ownership, or a place for me to live with that land,” Vernon said.

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