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‘Below Deck Down Under’: Are João and Chef Tzarina Still Together?

joao and tzarina together

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Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph and bosun João Franco may be together on ‘Below Deck Down Under’ but are they still together today?

Bosun João Franco and chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph may be having a playful fling on Below Deck Down Under, but all the signs point to the yachties not still being together.

After endless flirting, Franco and Mace-Ralph finally hooked up. Of course, all this went down even after Mace-Ralph said Franco hurt one of her friends so she was a little spicy toward him when he came on board. But the ice melted pretty quickly for Mace-Ralph, especially when deckhand Culver Bradbury suddenly became interested in new stew Jaimee Neale.

With only a few Below Deck Down Under episodes left, why didn’t João Franco and Tzarina Mace-Ralph stay together?

Does João’s hook-up with Margot Sisson destroy any future with Chef Tzarina?

Production “snuck in” a clip of what appears to be Franco and stew Margot Sisson in a liplock. The clip was so fast it was hard to confirm that it was Franco and Sisson making out. Also, there was no context behind the moment. Sometimes the yachties play a truth or dare kissing game, which could be the case.

If the makeout session is true, it would certainly destroy the crew dynamic. Mace-Ralph already felt stabbed in the back when Neale and Bradbury hooked up. Mace-Ralph and Bradbury flirted massively before Franco and Neale arrived on board. But everything changed when Neale came on board. Bradbury kissed Neale during her first crew outing.

So now that Franco and Mace-Ralph have hooked up, what would a kiss with Sisson do to their romance? One clue that perhaps Franco and Sisson hooked up is that Franco and Mace-Ralph don’t follow each other on Instagram. However, there’s no bad blood between Mace-Ralph and Sisson. Mace-Ralph shared an airport meetup she had with Sisson on Instagram.

“Got you back and I don’t ever want to let you go again.” Mace-Ralph captioned a video along with the hashtag bestie and she tagged Sisson.

João and Chef Tzarina are still not together – he’s with someone new

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 was filmed more than a year ago and Franco and Mace-Ralph seemed to have moved on with other people and adventures.

For her part, it doesn’t appear that Mace-Ralph is dating anyone – at least she’s keeping any romance private. Her Instagram is filled with yachting adventures and (of course) culinary eye candy.

Franco has been busy racking up new certifications but also seemed to be seeing someone new. He’s posted photos with a woman named Domi Tiesi for a little less than a year. The most recent photo she posted alongside Franco was in late August.

Franco’s girlfriend appears to also be a yachtie and the couple has worked together. “16-hour passages between Italy and Montenegro made easy with this lady’s company,” he captioned a photo on Instagram. “Took the vessel for her maiden voyage!! We could have done it in 9 hours but we took it easy. Let the season begin!”

Only a few episodes of Below Deck Down Under Season 2 remain. Below Deck Down Under is on Monday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.