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Benjamin Levy Aguilar Says Speaking His Native Language On Chicago PD Was 'The Most Beautiful Thing'

When Benjamin Levy Aguilar appeared on a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the actor discussed the scenes on “Chicago PD” where Torres speaks in Spanish. Aguilar is originally from Guatemala, so the Spanish language is actually his native tongue.

The “Chicago PD” regular put his hands to his heart, telling Clarkson, “It was the most beautiful thing, and now I understand what Americans feel like when they act in English.” Aguilar speaks both languages fluently, but Spanish evidently feels more natural for him. He also high-fived Clarkson when she told him, “Thanks to my Duolingo, I understood most of it, so I’m very proud of myself.”

In fact, according to Wolf Entertainment’s official Twitter, Season 10, Episode 4 features the series’ first scenes performed primarily in Spanish. The production even hired a second script coordinator to make sure the dialogue was correct. Hopefully, then, Aguilar will get some more Spanish-language scenes in upcoming episodes of “Chicago PD.”



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