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Bernie Sanders and an elliptical prop for Lula

US Senator Bernie Sanders sided with Luis Inácio Lula da Silva in a video uploaded to social media. Sanders, 81, avoided an explicit statement, but his words were a veiled criticism of Jair Bolsonaro and the latent threat that the far-right president will not respect this Sunday’s results, in which the PT leader could prevail in first round.

“I don’t need to tell you that as a citizen of the United States it would be absolutely inappropriate to tell you who to vote for in the presidential election.. That is a decision that belongs solely to the Brazilian people,” the senator from Vermont begins. “However, at a time when democracy is under attack around the world, and when we see nations turning towards authoritarianism, I want that know how important the elections in Brazil are, not only for you, but also for all those who respect democracy”he added, implicitly alluding to the current far-right government.

“Brazilians understand better than anyone the importance of choosing their leaders. As the largest democracy in Latin America, your country is an important example for the world of a stable and fair electoral system,” continued Sanders, who specified that “it is a system in which winners and losers must respect the outcome: and where political violence or the threat of political violence is always unacceptable”.

In closing, he stated that “The world is watching these elections and it is important that the voice of the Brazilian people be heard, and that whatever the result is respected by people of different ideologies. Whoever you vote for, I encourage you to go to the polls on October 2.”



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