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Best combo cards with squirrel girl

Squirrel Girl is an unexpectedly cute card for players to use within their decks in the virtual card game, Marvel Snap. Squirrel Girl is simply a one-charge card with only one power-up, but her ability reveals the ability to summon two squirrels to other locations. Quick enough, these are 3 powers spread across the 3 locations that the player must conquer to win a match in Marvel Snap.

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Within the many decks this card can shine brightly, there are also some decks created by the Marvel Snap community that make Squirrel Girl their main feature. Squirrel Girl can definitely shine when playing with cards that enhance the power of other cards.


10/10 captain America

The esteemed Captain America is an Avenger staple in the Marvel Universe, and in Marvel Snap he’s an essential card for many decks. Since all of Squirrel Girl’s cards only have one power, it’s up to other cards to help boost her power, and Captain America is one of the best for the job.

captain America Card 3 cost With 3-power, and has a persistent ability that allows his card to give all other friendly cards in his position an extra 1 power. With Captain America playing alongside Squirrel Girl, she’ll be even more powerful.

9/10 Ka visited

ka-zar in Marvel's Snap

Ka-Zar is one hundred percent A base card for any themed decks of single-cost cards. This is because Ka-Zar has the persistent ability to give all other one-cost friendly cards one extra power. Ka-Zar is a 4-cost card with a 4-power of his own.

For most decks that use Squirrel Girl, players can expect to see Ka-Zar play as he is responsible for bringing all three Squirrel Girl cards to a more competitive position. Overall, Ka-Zar offers a power-up boost of 3 between Squirrel Girl and the other two squirrel cards. When players use Squirrel Girl, Ka-Zar is a must-have.

8/10 Blue Marvel

blue marvel in snap marvel

Blue Marvel is the highest card all rookie players will unlock in the game’s recruiting season, a season that serves as a short tutorial for players. Blue Marvel is another almost must-have card for decks that revolve around one-cost cards, as these cards pair very well with almost all cards in the game, but especially well with allies like Ka-Zar and Captain America.

Blue Marvel is a 5 cost card with 3 energy, and has the ongoing ability to give all other friendly cards an extra power. As any player can see, this card helps strengthen Squirrel Girl.

7/10 Buster Hulk

Hulk Buster in Marvel Snap

The Hulk Buster Armor card is definitely one of the more unique cards that Marvel Snap offers its players, and it honestly can be paired nicely with any card in a deck. For decks that focus on low-powered cards, like Squirrel Girl, it’s a good idea for players to use the Hulk Buster in that deck as well.

Hulk Buster is a 3 charge card with 4 Energy, and has the On Reveal property to combine with another card in its position. This adds its power to the combined card, and it remains the selected card. With squirrels, using this armor is a great comic scene to depict a squirrel running around in a Hulk Buster suit.

6/10 Patriot

Marvel's Patriot the snap

The Patriot is a card that players can only obtain from within Marvel Snap’s Pool 3, and the card is definitely one of the most specialized cards in the entire game. The Patriot is a 3-cost card with a paltry 1-power, but has the continual ability to grant all other friendly cards that don’t have an extra 2-power to their card!

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She reveals Squirrel Girl’s On Reveal ability to dispatch two squirrels, both of whom lack any ability. Squirrel cards simply read, “Squeak!” And Patriot can give both chipmunks an extra 2 power, making them both 3 power cards.

5/10 Iron heart

Iron Heart in Marvel's Snatcher

Iron Heart is a great On Reveal card in Marvel Snap, and another great card for beginners as they can get this card in Deck 1 of Marvel Snap. Iron Heart is a card with three costs without energy; 0-energy. But, Iron Heart has the ability to reveal giving three additional random 2-power friendly cards.

With the right strategic timing, the player can increase the overall power of the site a lot! With Squirrel Girl, the player can hope to use the Iron Heart in order to power up those 1-cost cards, and potentially bring all 3 up to 3 Energy!

4/10 shield

shield in marvel snap

For players who use decks that rely solely on the strength of one-cost cards, it is crucial to use Armor with them. Armor is a 2-cost card with 3-power, and has the persistent ability which states that no cards in its location can be damaged.

Since there are a large number of cards that destroy the opponent’s cards, especially cards that target single-cost cards, such as Killmonger, it is necessary for the player to play Armor with their one-cost cards in the location they want. In this way, no opponent can completely derail the player’s strategy.

3/10 Onslaught

Attack in Marvel's Snap

Onslaught is a great card players will get early in Marvel Snap, and it’s easily one of the best and most versatile of the six. Onslaught is a 6 cost card with 7 energy, and also has the continuing ability which states to double the other continuous abilities in his position.

This means that when playing with Captain America, Cap’ advances 2-power instead of 1. When playing with Blue Marvel, every friendly card gets 2-power instead of 1. Squirrel Girl can become a power-up when played in the right combos with Onk.

2/10 ant Man

Ant-Man in Marvel's Snap

Ant-Man is one of the best single-cost cards in Marvel Snap, and players won’t have to worry about getting the card because they’ll actually unlock it as soon as they play for the first time!

Ant-Man is a 1-cost card with only 1 power, but his continuing ability states that if there are 3 more cards in his position (the location is full), Ant-Man gets 3 more power, making him a 4-power card. Since Squirrel Girl tends to take up a lot of space, Ant-Man can be played with one of three cards to score that the location will become full.

1/10 killmonger

killmonger in hijacker Marvel

Killmonger is a great card for almost any deck, especially destroying decks as Killmonger is one of the best destroying cards out there. Killmonger is a 3-cost card with 3 energy, and his On Reveal ability states that all 1-charge cards are destroyed, even friendly cards.

Just as Killmonger is the bane of Squirrel Girl’s card, it can also be one of the greatest combinations for strategic players. Those who use destruction decks can destroy three cards with a single charge instantly, which is amazing for a death card.

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