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Beware of These Google Play Store Apps That Have Hidden Malware (List)



Android users face another danger: new malware has been discovered in some apps available on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, these apps total nearly three million downloads between them. Check in this article if you have any of these apps installed.

List of applications that hide malware

Now some apps available on the Google Play Store have been found to have hidden malware. In total, there are eight applications affected with a new malware known as Autolycos. Next, we give you the list of titles that you must uninstall from your smartphone:

  • Razer keyboard and theme
  • funny camera
  • Vlog Star Video Editor
  • creative 3d launcher
  • go beauty camera
  • GIF Emoji Keyboard
  • Free Glitter Camera 1.0.0
  • Coconut Camera v1.1

At the moment, these eight applications have already been removed from the Play Store, but before this situation was detected, the aforementioned apps totaled almost three million downloads between them.

Autolycos Malware forces subscription to paid services

android malware
Android users are facing new malware known as Autolycos [email protected]/Pixabay

But in practice, what does this Autolycos malware do? Their specialty is forcing users to subscribe to premium services that are paid for. According to Microsoft, which analyzed it, this malware is one of the most frequent threats on Google’s Android operating system.

Generally, Autolycos uses infected computers to link to payment pages for premium services that require payment and force the user to subscribe and, consequently, pay for those same services.
Autolycos malware emerges after Android users were confronted with the feared banking malware Revive and BRATA.

We renew the call for attention to the aforementioned applications that, if installed on your smartphone, must be immediately removed from the system so that you do not suffer from the latest malware discovered in the Android universe.



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