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Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a new writer



Beyond Good Evil 2 is still alive It will

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a new lead writer five years after the game was announced. Progress in development has been rather slow, to the point of leading players to wonder if the title will ever see the light. Ubisoft, however, he has repeatedly reassured fans and promised that it will be a rather ambitious project. Sarah Arellano updated her Twitter to announce that she became the lead writer of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Previously, the author worked for Volition writing for the upcoming Saints Row reboot before moving to Blizzard as a narrative designer for World of Warcraft.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 it had a rather long development cycle. First announced in 2017 with a bombastic trailer, the title of Ubisoft for a long time he remained shrouded in silence and mystery. There were a few videos released in 2018 and early 2019 that showed gameplay elements and new mechanics, but there hasn’t been much else since.

A February report said that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the pre-production phase e Ubisoft is still looking for staff for the game as of May. Today’s announcement seems to indicate that all is not well with the development of the title, self Ubisoft is still hiring in key positions five years after the announcement. In fact, since the company was shaken by multiple scandals in the summer of 2020, the French developer has struggled to keep its talents. According to the same data, in fact, many veterans have left the team also causing delays in the release of various titles.

A recent report from A Better Ubisoft reveals that the company continues to lose talent as it refuses to implement the necessary reforms to create a comfortable working environment. A year after writing an open letter to Ubisoft’s management, A Better Ubisoft claims that none of its requests have been met.



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