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Bidemi Kosoko, an actress, thanks God for her’ sweet-16 ′ birthday celebration.

Bidemi Kosoko, a Nollywood actress, is commemorating her birthday celebration right this minute with a thank-you word toGod

Bidemi’s little girl transforms 36 right this minute,

The twenty.Him for created an extended thank-you word to her developer in honor of her birthday celebration.He actress said thanks to for all things

had actually implemented He her.for”My’s done so much Lord me … I can not inform you every little thing. Author daddy, my King, my eternal pleasure provider, my column, my manufacturer, my stamina, my guard, my self-confidence, the Glory of my life, the one that is, that was, and also that is to find, the Lord of

, I worship your name, I proclaim you, I recognize you, .Chronicles Of READ ALSO: Sets Akure Agog

Thank for BisiManuel Thank you for appreciating me. Thank you for maintaining my household and also I secure. for you for the present of life, Thank your arrangement, and also for your true blessings. for you Lord an additional 365 days, and also thanks

Guys my spouse and also kids. Sweet, I thanks. I simply intended to thanks.My, it’s authorities: I’m a year older. It 16. Bide birthday celebration is today.

The Yoruba’s your birthday celebration, God, so go commemorate.”

Bidemi Kosoko actress has 2 reasons to be thankful as she commemorates her birthday celebration right this minute, as May honored her with a package of enjoyment this 12 months.

had a kid female in 2021, according to info tales.‘I’ READ ALSO: That Side Chick That Love My Boyfriend Wife m Nigerian Crossdresser’s Bobrisky Reveals

Jide Kosoko’– Instagram, Nigerians presented the distribution of his granddaughter on He and also asked for

“I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Kosoko and Bankole families, as Abidek gave birth to a baby girl this morning, adding to my grandchildren.” Join to drawback him in his enjoyment. God pled that she be born in mind in petitions so that she would not withstand from postpartum misery.Thank me in saying thanks to Jide Kosoko and also hoping that the mama never experiences afterbirth ailment.



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