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Biden Goes on Slurred Rant, Says He Is Going to Georgia, Then Not to Georgia, Then Confuses Senator Warren With Senator Warnock

While speaking with reporters on Friday, President Joe Biden went on a slurred rant where he confused Senator Raphael Warnock with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Why aren’t you going to Georgia to help Senator Warnock?” a reporter asked Biden.

Biden replied, “I’m going to Georgia today to help Senator Warren! Not to Georgia, I’m gonna help Senator Warren.”

The president continued speaking but his words were so slurred that we are unable to transcribe.


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The question from the reporter comes as Warnock faces Hershel Walker in the Georgia runoff election.

Fox News reported on Warnock’s supporter’s opinions on Joe Biden:

Fox News spoke with over a dozen Democrats as they arrived on Thursday at a rally for Sen. Raphael Warnock headlined by former President Obama in Atlanta with just five days to go until the Senate runoff election in the key southeastern battleground state.

While plenty of people arriving at the event said they would like to see Biden run for re-election, there were also calls for a fresh face to replace the now 80-year-old president as the party’s standard-bearer in 2024.

“I think it’s time for someone new,”said Amanda, who lives in Atlanta. “I think he’s doing a great job, but I think there’s someone out there who can speak for everyone and not just like a certain group of Democrats.”

Arlene and Herbert, who drove into Atlanta from nearby Gwinnett County, were not on the same page.

“He’s kind of getting up there in age, but it still seems like he’s with it for somebody his age. I would like to see somebody younger, but if he can do it, let him run,” Arlene said.

However, Herbert quickly offered that “if he runs I’ll vote for him.”

Aiden, a college student at Emory University in Atlanta, said that “maybe having an 82-year-old in office may not be the best idea. We’ll see what happens.”

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