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‘Big Brother’ 25: Jag Bains’ Family Posts About Jared Fields Using Slur Against America Lopez

Jag Bains Big Brother Season 25

CBS’s Big Brother Season 25 Week 5 shows Jared Fields in the hot seat. Jared won the Head of Household competition, putting him in charge. Unfortunately, Jared used a derogatory term to describe America Lopez during the live feeds, and many fans have been calling for CBS to remove him from the show. Here’s what the family of fellow houseguest Jag Bains posted about the incident.

Jag Bains’ family posted about Jared Fields’ use of a slur against America Lopez in ‘Big Brother’ Season 25 Week 5

‘Big Brother’ Season 25 houseguests Jared Fields and Blue Kim | CBS

Fans watching Big Brother Season 25 Week 5 live feeds call for Jared Fields’ dismissal from the game. Jared won the Head of Household title in week 5, giving him power to dictate who’s nominated for eviction. On Friday, Sept. 1, 2023, he strategized with his allies and called America Lopez the R-word in the process.

Jared later discussed the incident with Cory Wurtenberger, one of America’s closest allies. “I don’t think she’s the R-word. I slipped up,” Jared told Cory on the live feeds on Saturday, Sept. 2. “Obviously, I was angry about it, [and] I’m willing to admit that.”

CBS has yet to address the incident with Jared. In the meantime, Jag Bains’ family posted on Jag’s Instagram.

“Jag is a huge advocate and ally for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD),” ..., signed by Jag’s family and friends, reads. “He has dedicated nearly 13 years with Special Olympics and has been actively supporting the Spread the Word to End the Word campaigns for just as long. This cause is near and dear to our hearts. Jag’s family, friends, and community are compelled to address an incident that occurred on season 25 of Big Brother.

... then goes on to describe what Jared did in the house. “Although CBS has been silent about this incident, we wanted to address this issue and spread awareness,” they continued. “Using the R-word diminishes the dignity and humanity of individuals with I/DD and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.”

Jag’s family then noted that they’re offering “Team Jag” T-shirts for $5, and every purchase goes toward their local Special Olympics organization.

The Special Olympics commented on ...

Jag Bains’ Instagram post highlighted Jared Fields’ incident in Big Brother Season 25 Week 5. The Special Olympics commented positively on ....

“Special Olympics stands behind Jag Bains and his family in their condemnation of the use of the R-word by a contestant on CBS’s Big Brother,” they commented. “Jag has worked tirelessly in helping our organization eradicate its use through education, advocacy, and inclusion. We are grateful that Jag’s family will be donating to their local Special Olympics programs through ‘Team Jag’ merchandise.”

Reilly Smedley, a contestant evicted in the season’s early weeks, also commented on Jag’s post with a heart.

Big Brother Season 25 airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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