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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 6 Power Of Veto Winner And Ceremony Results

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Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon remain on the block, with one of them almost certainly going home. For now, there is no unique twist that we know of that “Big Brother” might throw our way. It’s almost a guarantee that The Professors will be down by one at the end of Week 6. Remember, the twist promised by Julie Chen in the last episode was related to the jury, so don’t expect another secret save as we saw with Jag Bains in Week 4.

So, what’s the strategy? At the time of this publication, the votes seem to favor Izzy, with Felicia the likely houseguest getting the boot come eviction night. Cameron Hardin really wants Izzy to go, but the rest of the house seems more keen on targeting Felicia. At this point in the game, his HOH status doesn’t hold much weight, and it’s up to his roommates to decide.

We’ve seen voting strategies pivot at the last minute, so we’re not counting out Felicia just yet.