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Big Brother 25: Was Izzy Gleicher evicted, blindsided?

Big Brother 25We knew that Izzy Gleicher was in big trouble entering day 44 in Big Brother 25 — but was she actually evicted?

Even the buildup to the new episode tonight was surprising, mostly because we don’t see that many house flips that happen the day before an eviction show — at least this season. The ones that are attempted are often course-corrected, but there was something about this one that felt serious. After all, most of the players had figured out that Cirie, Izzy, and Jared were never going to turn on each other and because of that, they’d always be fourth place, at best. Then, there is also the showmance between Jared and Blue. This wasn’t a decision to save Felicia so much as it was a choice to get Izzy out of the game.

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The real question, of course, was whether or not we were going to see some sort of super-dramatic flip happen at the last second here. While we recognize that it sounds crazy in some ways, here is your reminder that this game is crazy! We didn’t want to rule anything out heading into the episode.

So what was actually decided?

The moment that Matt (and Josh) chose to leave the Diary Room, it was clear that Izzy was going to be the one evicted from the game. It was not a unanimous vote, though! Cirie cast a vote to evict Felicia, knowing full well what the end result was going to be. She just wanted her to exit the game with a little bit of love and we think that Felicia would understand that after the fact.

This wasn’t a blindside, though — Izzy found out over the course of the day.

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Did you think that we were going to be seeing Izzy evicted entering Big Brother 25 tonight?

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