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Bigg Boss 16: Furious over Priyanka’s words, fiercely ransacked the house

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss house, once again the contestants have sacrificed the ration of the house. Due to which the atmosphere of the house has changed once again. There has been a rift again between some friends.

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Big Boss 16: There is one such contestant in the Bigg Boss season who seems to be entangled in his own words. Everyone from Salman Khan to Bigg Boss, contestants and outside public tried their best to convince them. But Shaleen Bhanot’s acting is seen every second minute in Bigg Boss house. Salman has also become so upset with Shaleen Bhanot’s antics and his mindless acting that now he is also seen imitating him. Since the new year, the tasks in Bigg Boss have changed a lot.

Bigg Boss is not giving a chance to anyone but everyone to try their luck. In such a situation, except Priyanka, Nimrit, Shiv and Abdu, the entire house is nominated for eviction this week. At the same time, Bigg Boss called Priyanka and Nimrit and gave a hint about Shaleen’s planning. Bigg Boss told Priyanka not to be stuck between Shaleen and Tina. In such a situation, Priyanka lives with Shaleen and Tina, but never backs down in expressing her opinion.

In fact, Bigg Boss gives a chance to the 7 contestants who are evicted from the house to be safe. Due to which Archana, Shaleen and Tina try to be safe by losing all the ration of the house after a long debate. Bigg Boss gets all the ration of the house back to him. Seeing this, all the remaining contestants are shocked. The makers of Bigg Boss have shared a new promo, in which it can be seen that there is a fierce debate between Priyanka and Shaleen.

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Priyanka, Tina and Shaleen are talking about the nomination. In such a situation, Shaleen says that he, me and him are scared of nomination. To which Priyanka says, now it seems, according to the situation. Further, it is shown that Priyanka says in a loud voice that why does he confuse. In such a situation, in a fit of anger, the salmon kept nearby breaks by hitting it hard on the ground. Seeing this behavior of Shaleen, Priyanka says, don’t do this in front of me, Shaleen Bhanot, go and do it in front of Tina Dutta.

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