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Bill Gates takes it to the extreme and unleashes a swarm of mosquitoes to spread malaria awareness


Bill Gates made a statement about malaria Lately since he has done whatever it takes to make a point, that it should not only be societies in difficult economic conditions that have to deal with the situation.

He was an advocate for the fight against malaria

Gates, who was a fundraiser and investor for various life threatening Situations have sought to prevent malaria from taking more lives and to create awareness, it has reached its limit by unleashing a swarm of mosquito To those present at the conference where he was the keynote speaker.

People had mixed feelings

His antics were a reaction on social media, “This guy has been battling viruses since windows 95…” Another commented, “I’d be so angry if I were in this crowd!”

While the following continued, “I love how everyone claps and laughs as Bill releases mosquitoes into the crowd” – prompting the response: “They’re not clapping, they’re trying to kill mosquitoes.”

This is the second time he has used insects to prove a point

In 2010, he released glowing fireflies to make people aware of the global energy shortage crisis, and won their support a standing ovation for his antics.

Bill and Melinda Gates donate to try to eradicate malaria

Bill Gates He was eager to make a point regarding mundane dangers such as Ebola and SARS, which are also transmitted by mosquitoes.

Both Bill and his ex-wife Melinda Gates They use their foundation to gain interest so that, fortunately, there is an eradication of malaria.


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