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Birth/Rebirth's Graphic Scenes Are Making Sundance Audience Members Sick

A “Birth/Rebirth” screening at Salt Lake City’s Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center had to be stopped due to some audience members becoming ill. First responders arrived on the scene to find those affected in various states of sickness (via World of Reel). A Twitter user who was on the scene described an audience member on the lobby floor and several others sick at one point. They went on to summarize their perspective on these reactions, writing “YES! Its medical horror! Procedures: Staples stitches needles blood. Course they felt sick!” (via @MrLDC)

The whole incident had first responders searching for a cause outside of the film’s content. Fire department officials reportedly gave the entire audience a chance to leave the theater before inspecting the area for any noticeable hazards; a subsequent inspection confirmed there was nothing there to cause such a reaction outside of the film itself (via Utah Public Radio). As horror titles go, this real event should raise expectations for the Shudder project’s potential.



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