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Black Clover manga 334 spoilers decide the fate of Lily’s sister



Black Clover Chapter 334 has been on a week-long hiatus, but with the release fast approaching, we’ve got spoilers for the upcoming chapter, which don’t promise anything in Asta’s favour.

The Black Clover’s final arc has just begun, but the battle between Asta and Lucius has already begun. Lucius finally explained in the previous chapter how he and Julius are related. He further explains his ultimate plans for the world and how he considered Asta, a being born without magic, a stain on this world. But Asta is determined to save Julius and the world from Lucius and says he will overtake the wizard king at that very moment.


Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to defeat Lucius at his current levels of strength. He’ll show a sliver of his power over Sister Lily in the next chapter, but he also considers Asta the only real threat, making it clear why he’s tempted to kill him.

According to the Black Clover Chapter 334 spoilers, the new chapter will be titled Fragile Souls, and will begin with a battle between Asta and Lucius. The Asta Devil Union form can now last for 10 minutes. After several useless attacks, Asta was finally able to direct a small attack on Lucius. The narration reads, “Nothing in nature can resist time. However, anti-magic can be the natural enemy of this indomitable magic.”

But soon after the attack, Lucius is ready to advance, revealing that he has learned to use magic to strengthen the power of demons. Then it transforms into an angelic figure with two sets of wings, horns like a reindeer, surrounded by a white aura. Its shape looks really cool, it is called the real human figure. This model leaves some marks on his body, specifically on his face, and a book appears near him. Asta was surprised to see Lucius’ new look and his comments that his primary indicators are neither human nor demonic.

Lucius grabs Sister Lily, and in no time, turns her into a demon, or a real human, he’ll say. The chapter confirms that the true magic of Lucius is Soul Magic. Using the power of a magical soul, he could change the soul of anyone he touched. Sister Lily also transforms into an angel-like figure, with clusters of wings and markings on the face. She tells Asta to give up his life for world peace. Drugged with her new form, Asta stands still, and Lucius attacks Asta and slashes his chest. He begins to fall to the ground and blood flows from his chest.



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