BLACKPINK’s Jennie Joins The Weeknd’s The Idol Cast, Independent of YG Entertainment: Exclusive Details

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Jennie of Blackpink made all her fans happy and excited at the same time after she appeared in “The Idol”. However, many wanted to know whose decision it was to appear on The Idol. As many thought it must have been the decision of YG Entertainment to do so. But who made the decision about Jennie to appear in The Idol?

Read ahead to know more about Jennie appears in The Idol making fans curious about the decision.

Jennie appears in The Idol

Everyone is well aware of the popularity of the Blackpink band. The K-pop girls’ gang has an immense fan following across the world. While apart from being a band together the girls are also seen in their solo project. Recently, fans of Jennie were shocked to see her in HBO’s The Idol.

The Idol portrays a unique story on HBO showing the music industry of Los Angeles. The series brings the story of a popular female singer to it. However, what fans loved about the series was to see Jennie in it. It was shocking and exciting at the same time for fans to see Jennie in The Idol.

Did YG Entertainment get Jennie into HBO’s The Idol?

Ever since fans got to see Jennie appear in HBO’s The Idol. They have been thinking about whose decision it could have been. Some fans believed that YG Entertainment might have been behind Jennie getting in The Idol.

However, the fact is something different than what fans have been assuming. Not to miss, The Idol has been facing criticism too on social media for sensationalism, and other things. But fans wanted to know what made Jennie get in The Idol?

Jennie’s personal decision let her get into The Idol

It was the decision of Jennie to be a part of HBO’s The Idol and not YG Entertainment behind it. Many reports available on the internet claimed that it was Jennie who took the decision to get in The Idol. The Weeknd is the producer of The Idol and a friend of Jennie too.

According to TenAsia, after meeting The Weeknd personally, Jennie got the offer to appear in the drama of HBO. Jennie appeared as an actress at the Cannes Film Festival recently where The Idol was invited to noncompetitive section of the festival. Fans of Jennie meanwhile loved to see her in a different role this time.

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