Blessing Okoro’s mother falls from ladder, breaks her legs over N1500

Relationship adviser, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has narrated how her mother climbed a ladder and fell down over N1500.

In a lengthy post, Blessing recounted how her mother struggled to raise her and even fell from a ladder and broke her legs in a bid to earn N1500.

She wrote:

“I remember watching my mum struggle, from ice water to pure water, to ok used clothes,selling babies wear, to kitchen utensils, before her shop got burnt down in oshodi, everything she had in her life gone.

She started over again, I watched my mum, wake up everyday to travel to go buy goods, struggle to sell it, before we moved to Enugu. The struggle continued, she will be jumping ladders, I remember the day she fell from ladder just because of 1500 naira and broke her legs 😫.

As I watched her as a little gal, I vowed not to struggle like my mum , I did not know how but I knew I wanted a better life . I said I will work with my BRAINS not Hands 😤work smart not hard .

I now rushed to marry, thinking it was a short cut from suffering 😦, I rush to marry because I wanted a better life and I felt he could give it to me, but
I made the worst mistake of my life. That was the beginning of my doom.

Infact at 18 years I started suffering more than my mum. looked older than my age, because the marriage was hell. I told my ex that I will leave him, he taught I was joking, I told him I don’t want this life, I saw myself borrowing just to cloth my first son on his child dedication.

I told my ex I want to work and he said I should start recharge card business 😩, I told him I can use my brains but he said I no get brains 😶. Then I left him. I choose my destiny, I took that risk, I wanted more from life. I took that walk.

14 years down the line , I can hit my chest and say NKIRUKA (the future is really bigger ) I have not reached where I am going but the process is so interesting 🙏🙏🙏. Wrong marriage can kill ur Destiny…Some of u might never succeed until u let some people go”

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