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Bloopers That Make Us Love Steve Carrell Even More

In “Employee Transfer,” all sorts of feelings are sparked as Michael Scott and Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) struggle to handle the reality of her move across the country. The depressing fifth season episode shows how the couple clearly still deeply cares about each other but realizes that a relationship at such a long distance will simply not work out. The breakup is understandably difficult for “The Office” characters on screen, and it looks like it may have been challenging for the actors to film as well.

Much of the episode focuses on Steve Carell, Amy Ryan, and Craig Robinson (who plays Darryl Philbin) traveling in the moving truck together with several funny and heartwarming moments. However, not all of the comedic scenes play out as planned, as one outtake reveals. In one bit, Robinson turns the truck too fast as a way to prevent the other two from watching annoying videos online (via YouTube). Yet, the laptop continues to slide across the dashboard and nearly gets destroyed from ramming into the window frame. Instead of getting angry, Carrell and his costars just laugh it off, easing some of the tension from the emotional episode.



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