Blueface Claps Back at ‘Modern Day Ike Turner’ Comparison Made by YouTuber Charleston White

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Blueface retaliated after YouTuber Charleston White called him a “modern-day Ike Turner.” As Charleston White posted his infamous Instagram Live on Monday (June 5), he virtually confronted Blueface regarding the constant drama between him and his soon-to-be baby mother, Chrisean Rock. The “BDD” spitter responded quickly to White’s comparison of Blueface to Tina Turner’s notoriously abusive ex-husband, Ike Turner. ‘Blueface, I’ve got to give you coins. You’re the modern-day Ike Turner,” Charleston White begins. I don’t see another musician or artist who fills the shoes of an abusive lover, because there is none. Young brother, I just want to remind you. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you are abusing those girls.

In front of your baby momma, you are displaying some of the foulest and most disrespectful behaviour there is for a black man to display publicly. According to White: Because of the shame you bring to this little girl, I wouldn’t be surprised if your baby experiences some emotional trauma, because you do know that whatever the mother feels during pregnancy, the child will feel, because the umbilical cord carries the mother’s feelings. You also bring shame to your children when you bring shame to the mother. Taking issue with Charleston White’s comment, Blueface jumped into the comments section of an Instagram post re-sharing ... by No Jumper. Face referenced White’s history of cooperating with authorities on criminal matters with one simple sentence.

After YouTuber Charleston White referred to Blueface as ‘Modern Day Ike Turner’, Blueface strikes back

Blueface retaliated after YouTuber Charleston White called him a “modern-day Ike Turner.” According to Charleston White, Blueface’s treatment of Chrisean Rock is comparable to Ike Turner’s treatment of Tina Turner. This week, the social media personality took to Instagram to vent about the rapper’s antics with his pregnant girlfriend, Rock, who is currently on and off again with him. Charleston White began, Blueface, I’ve gotta give you some coins. You are today’s Ike Turner. It is impossible to find another musician, another artist, who can fill the shoes of an abusive lover. Regardless of who you are or what you do, young brotha, you’re abusing those girls. You are displaying some of the most offensive and disrespectful behaviour any black man could display in front of his baby mama. According to him, I wouldn’t be surprised if your baby had some emotional trauma due to the fact that whatever the mother feels during pregnancy, the child feels through the umbilical cord.

You bring shame to the mother, and you bring it to your children as well. As a final statement, Charleston White said he hopes Blueface does not have a girl because he’s a shameful, hurtful muthafucka. In response to White’s comments, the Los Angeles rapper commented on No Jumper’s above Instagram post containing the following: There is a mouse in the house, as well as a rabbit, a house, and a laughing face. A rock and roll musician named Ike Turner married Tina Turner while they were performing together in the early 1960s. According to Tina Turner’s 2018 memoir Tina Turner: My Love Story, Ike abused her throughout their marriage. Certainly Charleston White is not the first person to criticize Blueface for his treatment of Chrisean Rock. Recently, Erykah Badu posted a video clip of Blueface rapping around pregnant women during his new music video for “BDD,” in which he appears to be trolling Rock. In the caption, Baduism’s singer stated, “He’s trash.”. Universe, do what you want.