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BMW’s i Vision Dee concept was revealed at CES 2023 — and it could quickly change color

This is the BMW i Vision Dee, which officially debuted at CES 2023. Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience and the car is a mid-size sedan that mixes some great design ideas with plenty of technical innovations – inside and out.

The concept was demonstrated in Oliver Zipse’s BMW CES Keynote speech and makes perfect sense in the larger-than-life Las Vegas setting. Definitely stunning to look at. From the outside, the car looks exactly like a converted 3 Series—a car that harnesses the best parts of the past, while subtly projecting the future.

outdoor elegance

(Image credit: BMW)

Central to this are the smooth lines and the way the bodywork blends seamlessly with the glasswork. These lines extend from the graceful nose section and dual angled headlights at the front and all the way to the rear, where the taillights continue the bold look. The sides are also soft and smooth, while the wheels follow suit, using sleek yellow design lines to complement the simple yellow dots on the bodywork.



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