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Bolivia Expects EU to Permit Visa-Free Entry for Its Citizens Soon

The Bolivian authorities have said that the country expects to reach an agreement with the EU that would allow its citizens to enter the bloc visa-free.

The Secretary of the Bolivian Vice Presidency, Juan Carlos Alurralde, noted that the country anticipates receiving a positive response on visa exemption during the time that Spain has the presidency of the EU Council, and the same stressed that Spain promised to discuss the issue as soon as possible, reports.

“They [Spanish authorities] have mentioned to us that they are going to manage to discuss the issue of the exemption of the Schengen visa for Bolivian citizens and that they promised to do everything necessary as soon as possible,” the statement of Alurralde reads.

The leaders of both countries, Bolivia and Spain, met in Madrid this week, and during their meeting, they mainly discussed ways to facilitate the movement of citizens of Bolivia.

Commenting on the matter, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albares Bueno, said that the country supports the lifting of the visa requirement for citizens of Bolivia and the same stressed that they do not expect migration problems to occur when such a thing happens.

In addition, the Spanish authorities assured the Bolivian ones that they would promote talks on the matter in the upcoming EU events and pointed out that this is a perfect opportunity for strengthening the relations between the two countries.

Since Bolivia has not yet reached an agreement on visa-free travel with the EU, all its citizens are required to obtain a visa to be permitted entry into the bloc.

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A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that permits all those holding it to travel to any member state of the Schengen Area for up to 90 days within a six-month period for tourism as well as business purposes.

Citizens of Bolivia as well as those of other countries who need a visa and who plan to reach the Area for tourism purposes, need to apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa.

Everyone applying for a tourist Schengen visa must make sure to submit several documents, including the completed application form, two recent photos, and their valid passport.

Moreover, tourist Schengen visa applicants must also submit proof of having secured accommodation in the EU, a roundtrip reservation, proof of having purchased EU travel health insurance, and proof of financial means, among others.

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