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Bolt, Uber Drivers Stop Work Over Hike in Petrol Prices

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Ride-hailing drivers are reportedly embarking on a three-day nationwide strike, demanding a 200 per cent increase in fares before returning to work.

According to a report by Tech Cabal, Bolt, LagRide, Indriver and Uber drivers, under the aegis of the Amalgamated Union of App-based Transport Workers of Nigeria (AUATWON), are observing a sit-at-home over the recent hike in petrol prices.

In addition to the increase in fare prices, the drivers are also asking for a slash in the commission charged by app operators. For context, Uber and Bolt collect a 20 per cent commission on every ride, but the drivers want this slashed to 10 per cent.

They are also seeking recognition of the body as the sole representative when it comes to issues around labour and demands as well as to stop the deactivation of drivers who refuse to work due to unfair environment.

The publication quoted the National Vice President for Southwest Nigeria (AUATWON), Mr Kolawole Aina, as saying, “Each local government in Lagos State and, by extension, all states in Nigeria will be protesting today at the same time.

“All e-hailing platforms are shut down from today till Friday… The riders should find another alternative,”.

Business Post understands that on Friday, June 2, Bolt had increased its base fare prices in reaction to the resulting hike in fuel prices after President Bola Tinubu announced an end to fuel subsidy, one month before it was to officially end based on the 2023 budget.

In a blog post, Bolt said, “From 2 June 2023, ride prices in Nigeria are changing due to increased operating costs drivers incur while driving with Bolt.”

The updated base fare, minimum fare, kilometre fee, and minute fee varied in Lagos and other cities.

In Lagos, it reviewed the base fare to N527, with the kilometre fee put at N130 at a per minute cost of N23.3o and a minimum fare of N800. In Abuja, the base fare was upped to N350, with a kilometre fee put at N88 at a per minute cost of N1o.00 and a minimum fare of N700, while in Port Harcourt, the base fare to N370, with a kilometre fee put at N123 at a per minute cost of N17 and a minimum fare of N700.

Other cities, including Benin City, Owerri, Calabar, Ibadan, Uyo, and Jos, were equally updated.