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Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Added A Heartbreaking Tribute Most Fans Missed

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Besides this photograph of Ginny Lambert, Vince Gilligan appears to have slipped in several other tributes to his beloved aunt later in the series.

Most notably, the maiden name of Skylar White (Anna Gunn) and Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt) is Lambert, likely inspired by the same aunt who gave her name and likeness to Aunt Ginny. Lambert is also the false last name used by Walter White while he’s on the run during “Breaking Bad” Season 5. Though the in-universe explanation for this fake identity is probably just Walt using his wife’s maiden name, fans can clearly connect the dots back to Gilligan’s aunt.

During his aforementioned interview on the “Breaking Bad Insider Podcast,” Gilligan expressed his immense gratitude for being able to include his aunt in “Breaking Bad” since she never actually got to see the show before she passed away. Though you likely missed this small detail amid all the drug-fueled chaos of “Breaking Bad,” this loving tribute is certainly one of the most important Easter eggs that Vince Gilligan ever added to the series.