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Breaking Bad Fans Agree One Character Is Beyond Redemption – Is He The Worst?

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With so many deaths and lives destroyed, a case could be made for any number of “Breaking Bad” characters to hold the title of “worst.” But the key phrase here is “beyond redemption.” Some characters may have done terrible things, but if given the right circumstances, they could theoretically redeem themselves in the eyes of fans and society. But Todd may be too far gone for some, as Redditor u/Lost_Inside_The_Fog stated, “Dude killed a kid and never showed remorse for anything. He made Walt look tolerable by comparison.” In a separate comment, the same Redditor mentions how Walt was terrible, but there’s something particularly heinous about the character, “Todd was robotic, cold, and soulless. Juxtaposed against his ability to seem ‘caring’ and ‘innocent’ is what makes me hate him more than Walt.”

Walter also did terrible things, but there could usually be some reasoning behind them, no matter how twisted it might have been. And he at least cared for his family somewhat. Todd’s ubiquitous nature wasn’t lost on actor Jesse Plemons, as he described Todd in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “He’s a person who the more you look into, the more confusing he becomes. Obviously, he’s stunted and missing some critical piece that allows him to understand the weight of his actions. He does show empathy at times, but then at other times if it’s justified in his mind for whatever reason it’s really plain.”

“Breaking Bad” boasts numerous psychopathic and sociopathic characters. Many of them could have a claim to being the worst, but there’s no denying something intrinsically unsettling about Todd.