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Breaking Bad Fans Poke Fun At Background Mystery Woman Painting In Season 5

Some fans pointed out that the painting was likely just a portrait of Skyler White when she was younger, something that seems obvious in hindsight since we’ve already seen flashbacks of Skyler with brownish hair at an earlier age.

Hilariously, although this painting might not have any purpose outside of being a background decoration, it is featured most prominently at the beginning of the Season 5 episode “Ozymandias” in a scene that oozes with symbolism and foreshadowing. The moment in question shows an older Skyler talking on the phone beside her kitchen knives, wrapping up a box that contains a ceramic crying clown. The kitchen knives reappear later at a crucial moment in the episode, and some fans online believe the weeping clown mirrors Walter White’s open-mouthed cries of grief a few minutes after it appears.

As such, it should come as no surprise that fans on Reddit would want to examine every minute detail in the background of this scene –- though, in this case, maybe the painting is just a painting and doesn’t represent anything more than that.



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