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Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks Didn't Agree With Mike's Tragic S5 Decision

Bryan Cranston, however, had a point, as he clarified in that same interview with Jonathan Banks. If Mike would have stayed to say goodbye to Kaylee and, therefore, gotten arrested, then he would have been unable to access the money that he’s been saving up for her, which is the whole reason he got into this dirty game of drug distribution, to begin with. That’s also the reason why Mike kills so many people over the course of “Breaking Bad.” 

“My take on that is that, you get caught, right now, and you can’t set her up for what she needs,” said Cranston. Banks agreed that story-wise, it was a necessary decision. Not that this stopped him from bickering — in a friendly way of course — with Cranston. “It was the lesser of evils, and that’s why I did the damn scene, for Christ’s sakes. I didn’t go out there and pout. I went out, I did the scene.”

Indeed, Mike’s decision to flee means that he has a need for his go-bag. Though he asks Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) to retrieve it, Walt does instead, leading to their final face-to-face. When Mike refuses to give Walt the names of his associates in prison to protect his identity, Walt ends up shooting and killing him. Walt then realizes that he could have simply asked Lydia (Laura Fraser) for the names instead.



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