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BREAKING: House Votes to Remove Ilhan Omar

On Thursday, the House voted to remove Ilhan Omar from the foreign affairs committee due to her past Semitic remarks.

Every Democrat opposed the vote, however, the Republicans won in a count of 218 “yay” versus 210 “nay.”

“After years of unapologetic antisemitism and a startling lack of judgment on foreign policy, Democrat Ilhan Omar has been removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” the RNC Twitter account said, “Every Democrat opposed it.”

Thursday got off to a rocky start as some members had tantrums on the House floor.

While speaking on the floor socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a temper tantrum, slamming her notebook.

The meltdown came as House Republicans seek to bar Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs committee for her anti-Semitic past.

“Don’t tell me that this is about a condemnation of anti-Semitic remarks,” she screamed as she defended her Omar for being anti-Semitic.

“This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed during her unhinged rant.

Towards the end of the rant, the congresswoman slammed her notepad down on the podium.


Things aren’t looking to good for Omar considering she was called an anti-Semite by the Democrat House leader Hakeen Jeffries.

“Now the other thing that’s going to occur today relates to this effort to remove, in a partisan fashion, Representative Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee after House Democrats unanimously voted for Ilhan to continue her service on the Foreign Affairs Committee,” Jeffries said.

“A refugee elected to the United States Congress, duly sent back to the House by her constituents in Minnesota. Now, Representative Omar certainly has made mistakes. She has used anti semitic tropes that were clearly and unequivocally condemned by House Democrats when it took place four years ago…” he said on Thursday.






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