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BREAKING: Marine Paul Whelan Speaks Out After Biden Chooses Brittney Griner Over Him

US Marine Paul Whelan is speaking out from a Russian prison, stating that he is ‘disappointed’ how President Joe Biden chose to bring home WNBA player Brittney Griner over him.

On Thursday, President Biden chose to trade WNBA player Brittney Griner for Russia’s “Merchant of Death,” a famous Russian arms dealer.

“I am greatly disappointed that more has not been done to secure my release, especially as the four year anniversary of my arrest is coming up,” Whelan said to CNN in a phone call from the a Russian penal colony. He is currently serving a 16-year sentence.

“I was arrested for a crime that never occurred,” he said. “I don’t understand why I’m still sitting here.”

“My bags are packed. I’m ready to go home. I just need an airplane to come and get me,” continued Whelan. “It’s quite obvious that I’m being held hostage.”

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Check out what the Daily Mail reported:

Griner, the WNBA star imprisoned on marijuana-related drug charges in Russia, will be returned to the US in exchange for infamous Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

The negotiations were reportedly mediated by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the United Arab Emirates’ President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, according to Arab News.

A senior administration official would not comment directly on MBS’s role but said the U.S. will ‘continue to lean on partners around the world’ to secure the release of unjustly detained Americans.

The swap happened at Abu Dhabi airport, where Griner and Bout had to walked past each other to reach their respective parties on the airport tarmac, Russian state media reports.

The US official said Griner was ‘all smiles’ on the tarmac as she approached the American delegation.

But Republican Rep. Mike Waltz, a former Green Beret, asked: ‘Where is U.S. Marine Paul Whelan, who has been unjustly held by Russia for far longer? Celebrities over veterans?’

Republicans on Twitter were extremely disappointed by Biden’s failure to bring home Whelan. Check out some of the reactions below:


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