BREAKING: Tapswap Set To Launch On Open Network (TON) Blockchain


Tapswap is set to launch on the Open Network (TON) Blockchain.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that the Tapswap team has finally addressed the uncertainty surrounding the blockchain they would be launching their project on by announcing that it was now going to launch on the Open Network (TON) blockchain.


This Nigeria news platform understands that the Tapswap team shared the latest development on their X page stating the reasons behind the decision to launch on the TON blockchain.


“ Exciting News: Blockchain Announcement We’re thrilled to announce that TapSwap will launch on the TON blockchainThis well-thought-out decision is the best option for delivering the ultimate experience for our ever-growing community. Stay tuned for more updates and details! Get ready to tap into new possibilities with #TON” The Tapswap team posted.



The Tapswap project which was previously powered by the Solana blockchain caused a stir in the crypto community when it announced that it was parting ways with Solana without giving an update on the blockchain it would be launching on.


This development created uncertainty around the project and acted as a source of negative PR for the project and the team behind it.

The announcement has cleared the air and boosted the confidence level of participants in the project.

The Open Network (TON) blockchain 

Telegram has become an important element of the crypto industry hosting various Web 3 projects like Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, Tapswap, Yescoin and Blum.

The Open Network (TON) is Telegram’s own blockchain driving the adoption of cryptocurrency while leveraging the social media capabilities of Telegram.

The Open Network (TON), previously known as Telegram Open Network, is a decentralized computer network and blockchain platform.

It was originally developed by Nikolai Durov and the Telegram messaging app team to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into the Telegram ecosystem.

TON is designed to be a high-performance blockchain that can handle large-scale transactions and applications.

The TON blockchain has its own native crypto token known as Toncoin. Toncoin allows users to pay blockchain fees on The Open Network and participate in governance decisions.

The TON blockchain was developed in 2018 by Telegram and it is fast becoming a major player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem leveraging Telegram’s massive user base of 800 million users.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that Tapswap is not the only Web 3 clicker game to announce its launch on the Ton Token. Yescoin and Hamster Kombat both Telegram-based Web 3 projects also announced their individual plans to launch on the TON blockchain.


Tapswap with over 50 million players globally is one of the biggest Telegram-based Web 3 projects. It is quite popular in Nigeria and its often likened to Notcoin, the first Web 3 project to pay Nigerians for their mining efforts in recent times.