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[email protected] Bahru app to provide information to users like parking availability and rates

[email protected] Bahru app to provide hyper-localised information to users like parking information

Howie Lau, Managing Partner of Corporate and Development; Loh Teck Seng, Chairperson of the Market Association; Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS; Indranee Rajah, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Finance and National Development; Howie Sim, Senior Partner, Healthcare & Transport of NCS; and Kenneth Seet, Chairman of Tiong Bahru Community Centre at the pilot launch of Breeze. Image source: NCS.

NCS has announced the six-month pilot trial of its [email protected] Bahru app.

Developed by NCS in collaboration with Tiong Bahru Community Centre and Tiong Bahru Market Hawkers’ Association, the app functions as a navigation or transport app, but can also provide a driver with real-time information about Tiong Bahru such as the nearest available parking, the best parking rates, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates, and local information such as local eats, points of interest, and walking trails.

The app will work island-wide but will lack most of the hyper-localised information for Tiong Bahru.

[email protected] Bahru integrates disparate and multiple sets of driving-related data from a variety of public and proprietary data sources and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video analytics to provide the real-time hyper-localised information. 

NCS also designed a non-invasive and innovative video analytics solution – the Breeze Box – placed at the entry and exit points of Seng Poh Lane carpark and Tiong Poh Road. It uses NCS’ “by the edge video analytics” that identifies objects and tabulates the number of vehicles (so there are no data privacy concerns). This is then used as metadata to Breeze’s backend which is then pushed to Breeze app for information on parking availability.

How the app will work. Image source: NCS.

For the next six months, the NCS development team will also work with retailers, residents and visitors in Tiong Bahru to gather user-generated content and feedback on Breeze to further improve the parking and walking experiences of the precinct.

The NCS team added that they are open to developing more hyper-localised information in other housing estates and incorporating it into the app.

Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS, said:

The Breeze app leverages NCS’ deep experience in the land transport sector and our digital innovation capabilities to improve visitor experiences and highlight urban liveability of neighbourhoods.

Breeze can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit




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