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Brian Dietzen Couldn't Escape His From Justin To Kelly Role On The NCIS Set

In “From Justin To Kelly,” Justin is the main character trying to woo Kelly, while his pal Brandon (Greg Siff) brazenly chases after potential casual hookups. Meanwhile, Brian Dietzen’s character, Eddie, goes through much of the film as comedic relief while letting his co-stars do the heavy lifting on singing and dancing. Eddie is usually the punchline to some of his friends’ lighthearted teasing. So maybe it was fitting that on the set of “NCIS,” Dietzen would take on a bit of ribbing from actor Michael Weatherly. After all, Weatherly’s character, Tony DiNozzo, has a history of hitting his fellow NCIS co-workers with witty quips and snarky barbs.

As Dietzen once recalled in an interview with Paul Semel, Weatherly couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke fun at Dietzen upon learning about his singing and dancing in “From Justin To Kelly.” “I remember when Michael first heard that, I think Pauley [Perrette] told him, he started dancing around and making up songs he thought would be in it,” Dietzen said in the interview. Weatherly may have had his fun at the expense of Dietzen, but it’s not like Dietzen has any regrets about being in “From Justin To Kelly.” As he further added in the same interview with Semel, the actor noted he had a lot of fun shooting the film.



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