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Brian Walshe husband of Ana Walshe was a sociopath and was institutionalised at a psychiatric hospital

Massachusetts woman Ana Walshe, 39, has been missing since New Year’s Day; her husband Brian Walshe was described as a sociopath and “physically violent” in court records pertaining to his late father’s will.

Brian Walshe, Ana’s husband, was a “long-term patient” in a psychiatric facility and had been labelled a psychopath by the staff there.

Brian Walshe was hospitalised for for being mentally ill in Massachusetts and was a sociopath 

Jeffrey Ornstein claims that a man named Brian Walshe was formerly institutionalised at the Austen Riggs Psychiatric Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Walshe was later freed. A friend of Walshe’s father, the neurologist Dr. Thomas Walshe, for 35 years, Ornstein made the horrific charges public in 2019, as reported by the media.

He continued by saying that Brian Walshe had grown aloof from the rest of his family after rumours spread that he had stolen millions of dollars from Dr. Walshe’s estate following his death. Ana Walshe vanished from her family’s Cohasset home on the morning of January 1. The cops found a hack saw, a hatchet, a rug, and blood at a dump near her husband’s mother’s house.

Brian Walshe is being investigated for his missing wife

As of Monday, after posting a $500,000 bond and entering a not guilty plea, Brian Walshe was still being held in connection with the investigation into his wife’s disappearance.

Walshe’s cousin and two of his father’s closest friends filed the accusatory court documents in 2019 after Dr. Walshe’s death in 2018. Ornstein asserted that he has known Brian Walshe, now 24, since he was 13 years old, and that Brian and his father have not communicated since 2009.

Dr. Walshe, he claimed, ignored his attempts to contact his father after the latter’s release from Austen Riggs Prison some 12 years ago. They broke up in 2009, but before to that, his relatives accused him of stealing nearly a million dollars from his father.

Brian Walshe’s father died in India

Thomas Walshe, who was 71 years old, died in India in 2018. Brian Walshe, according to court documents, asked for a key to the family’s $710,000 Hull, Massachusetts, beachfront mansion.

The younger Walshe snuck into his father’s property and made off with a vehicle, high-end products, and pricey artwork (including pieces by Salvador Dali and Joan Miro) totaling thousands of dollars. The father of three allegedly tried to sell his late father’s house for $140,000 more than it was worth after being wrongly named the executor of the will.

Brian Walshe started selling his possessions

Months after his father’s death, he was also accused of trying to sell the remaining items online and promoting a sale for January. Brian Walshe failed to notify other members of the family about his father’s death, and the mistakes weren’t uncovered until 2019 when his cousin, who had been selected as Dr. Walshe’s executor, contacted a friend to learn the news.

In July of that year, when a probate court ordered Walshe to file an inventory of the items he removed from the house (which he has failed to do), another family member assumed control of the estate.

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