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Britain’s Got Talent” Under Fire for “Disgraceful” Prank with Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli were slammed after taking part in a crossbow prank on stage in Manchester. A crossbow was allegedly shot at fellow judge Simon, 63, while Bruno, 67, was blindfolded at a recent round of auditions in Salford. The weapon tricked former Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno into believing he had injured Simon in front of the audience. According to a video obtained by The Sun, Simon appears to have pranked his co-star by sticking an arrow out of his chest. “Sensitive content” warnings accompany the clip, which features screaming from the audience.

Laura Sudgen, who was injured by a crossbow attack, has criticized the prank. Anthony Lawrence shot her and her partner Shane Gilmer with a crossbow at their home in 2018. Laura was shot in the head while Shane was tragically killed. Laura told The Sun it’s absolutely disgraceful. It’s unbelievable that it’s even allowed on the show. Although it is not regulated, it is a lethal weapon. Bruno, who took over from David Walliams on the panel, reportedly deemed the prank “inappropriate” after being led to believe Simon had been injured.

Britain’s Got Talent Judges Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli Were Slammed For Their ‘Disgraceful’ Crossbow Joke On The Show

As auditions for Britain’s Got Talent were held in Manchester, Bruno Tonioli ‘shot’ Simon Cowell with a ‘crossbow’ during a prank. A crossbow prank carried out by Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli on stage at Britain’s Got Talent has been slammed. Laura Sugden, a true crossbow attack victim, said it was absolutely disgraceful. She blasted Britain’s Got Talent prank involving the weapon after her partner was killed by a crossbow attack. She said: It’s no joke. Laura Sugden said: I can’t believe the show even allows it. The weapon is not regulated, but it is lethal. A tragic event occurred in which I lost someone close to me. I find it disrespectful that Britain’s Got Talent would showcase that as a prank. People who lost loved ones to such a dangerous weapon will be watching. It is beyond me how anyone could think that was funny. On stage in front of a live audience, Bruno Tonioli was fooled into believing he had shot show supremo Simon Cowell dead. Cowell’s prank was preceded by an act of shooting balloons in the lead-up. One of them had to hit balloons on the head of another performer without injuring them.

As Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli appeared on stage, the audience expected them to perform the same routine. Bruno was blindfolded and told to fire the weapon. He didn’t realize Cowell would pretend he had shot him. A crossbow arrow was rigged up in Cowell’s chest by show staff. On the stage of the Lowry Theatre in Salford, Greater Manchester, he played dead while a paramedic rushed to his aid. The TikTok video was filmed by an audience member, and it comes with a warning for “sensitive content.”. Producers are reportedly discussing removing it from the series. I wouldn’t watch Britain’s Got Talent again if they showed that on the show, said Laura, 30. I find it absolutely disgraceful. At their home near Driffield, East Yorks, she and partner Shane Gilmer were shot by crazed neighbour Anthony Lawrence with a crossbow. Shane, 30, was killed and Laura was shot in the head, while she was pregnant. According to a source, Bruno completely fell for the explosive prank, believing for a few seconds that Simon was dead.



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