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Britons in Netherlands Urged to Take Part in Right to Vote Survey

United Kingdom’s nationals living in the Netherlands have been urged to participate in the new survey in order to help ensure they are eligible to vote in the next UK general election, as was said before by the current government.

British in Europe, which is a campaign group has presented the survey in an effort to bring a realistic picture of Britons living in countries worldwide in order to ensure that the processes to register and vote can actually work, reports.

According to a report provided by Dutch News, about 45,000 first-generation British nationals are living in the Netherlands at present.

It has also been estimated that a total of 3.4 million British nationals living in other countries lost their right to vote in Britain after they have not been there for over 15 years. The report notes that in 2016, nearly 60 per cent of Britons living in European Union countries had no vote in the referendum of the UK that led to Brexit.

According to British in Europe, about 3.4 million Britons currently live in countries, while in 2016, over 60 per cent of citizens of the UK living in the EU had no vote right in the referendum.

Since the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, nationals of Britain no longer have the rights as other EU countries citizens, while the consequences of Brexit depend on the Withdrawal Agreement.

Previously, it was emphasized that the Withdrawal Agreement does not apply if Britons started living in the Netherlands after December 31, 2020.

A recent survey provided by the Royal Society of Edinburgh revealed that a total of 60.7 per cent of participants from England, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, said that they feel their rights in the EU/EEA and Switzerland are secure.

At the same time, the report revealed that 76.6 per cent of them plan to continue living in EU countries permanently.

The source revealed that nearly a third of the total 1,139 participants in the survey had a migration experience before. It was also revealed that the majority of them moved to EU/EEA and Switzerland countries for work purposes or other personal purposes, while just 17.7 per cent of them stressed they moved to these countries in order to retire.

Citizens of the United Kingdom are now obliged to follow additional rules when planning to travel or reside in EU countries.



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