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Brotato is a totally not serious top-down shooter you should play

Once in a while there comes a game that you just have to try because it looks like a whole lot of fun, and Brotato is that game. Spotted by Android Police, this is a top-down shooter for mobile that challenges you to stay alive while you wait for help.

As the story goes, you’re a lone surviving potato stranded in a hostile environment. You must fight off hordes of aliens who want to kill you. But you’re no ordinary potato. You’re “Brotato,” and you can handle a weapon, so you know how to protect yourself. In fact you can handle six at one time. Speaking of weapons, there’s more than 46 of them in the game, so you get a variety of options in your arsenal.

Now it’s up to you to put that starchy attitude to good use and stay alive until you’re rescued. If you can.

Brotato provides you with endless hours of play time

This isn’t the kind of game that we say is endless because the campaign lasts something like 100+ hours. It’s endless because it’s just you fighting off wave after wave of enemies. Which you can do over and over and still have fun each time.

You’ll need to survive 20 different enemy waves of attack. So it might not be easy at first. But once you start unlocking weapons, and acquire/utilize the more than 150 items that can assist you in battle, you should be able to last longer. Brotato also has over 30 playable characters, each with their own unique potato quirks.

While this isn’t going to provide you with an in-depth story or deep character development, it will provide fun. Best of all is that waves last around 20-90 seconds so play time can be lightning fast if you only have a little time to burn. And these kinds of bite-sized bits of gameplay work well on mobile.

You can try Brotato out for free on Android, or you can pick up the premium version for $3.49. It’s also available on Steam as an Early Access title for $4.99 if you’d rather play it on PC.

Brotato: Premium – Google Play



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